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    Our online flight operations are
    based on VATSIM and IVAO
    servers which gives you the best
    simulation which includes - real
    weather, real ATC. If you do not have an account on those servers, please contact us

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    Based on real world timetables,
    our flight schedules are updated
    monthly and feature over 300
    destinations. Throughout Central
    America, the Carribean, South America, and the United States

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    Spirit Virtual has the most
    advance reporting system that
    allows us to simulate all operations
    of a real airline. Expenses, Income,
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Our position in the Ranking 38 .


Last 5 Flights

Airline Flight Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Aircraft Date
ScanLine NKS 571 KTPA KFLL 00.56 NKS0019 -175 A320-232 05/27/2017
ScanLine NKS 877 KATL KFLL 01.37 NKS0002 -261 A320-232 05/26/2017
ScanLine NKS 542 KTPA KATL 01.13 NKS0002 -794 A319-132 05/26/2017
ScanLine NKS 2025 KFLL MUHA 00.56 NKS0033 -48 A319-132 05/25/2017
ScanLine NKS 2026 MUHA KFLL 01.11 NKS0012 -121 A319-132 05/25/2017

    Total Pilots: 35

    Total Routes: 330

    Total Flights: 78

    Flights Today: 1

    Total Hours: 162:32:00

    Total Fuel Used: 737580

    Total Miles Flown: 44003